Plenary Speakers

Prof. Laura H Greene
University of Illinois, USA
High Temperature Superconductors: Playgrounds for Broken Symmetries

Dr. Rachel Ivie
American Institute of Physics, USA
US Women in Physics and Astronomy, 2005

Prof. Zohra Ben Lakhdar
University of Tunis Elmanar, Tunisia
How I built a Research Group

Dr. Ann Marks
Chair of the Women in Physics Group of the Institute of Physics, UK
SET FAIR ?: Progress in the UK

Prof. Ling-An Wu
Member of the IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
New challenges for women physicists in a rapidly changing China

Prof. Aihua Xie
Chair of the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics
Oklahoma State University, USA
The Status of Women in Physics in USA: Progresses and New Actions

Round Table Participants

Dr. Alice Abreu
Organization of American States, USA

Rene Clair
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, France

Dr. Nilcéa Freire
Secretaria da Mulher, Minister, Brazil

Prof. Eiko Torikai
University of Yamanashi, Japan